Art Trials

June 5, 2011

We have recently seen two new maps drawn for “Art Trials”. These are events where artists open the doors to their studios or houses to to show local people their work, so that people can appreciate the art and, maybe buy some of it.

Last weekend we went to a few places on the Wylie Valley Art Trial, and you sometimes see the same people going from one place to another. The first place was a group of different artists, in a lovely old set of buildings, where we also saw some Llamas! The second was a high quality furniture maker, and there were many people packed into the two rooms, but it was a wet saturday afternoon! The interactive map is here.

Wylie Valley Art Trial

Wylie Valley Art Trial

This week, we picked up this map of the Widcombe Art Trial, in Bath, which happens next weekend, June 11th and 12th. It had a lovely hand drawn map of that part of Bath, and it highlights the many green areas close to the centre of the city, which are very popular with walkers (it is called the Skyline Walk) as it has great views of the city. Whenever I go there, I am surprised that there is so much contryside, so close to the city centre!

Widcombe Art Trial

Widcombe Art Trial

This would make a great backdrop for a Mapcaster presentation.

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