Map of undersea cables

August 6, 2011

This 1901 map shows the undersea cables that enabled countries to communicate by telegraph.

1901 World Map of Undersea Cables

1901 World Map of Undersea Cables

The telegraph was a method of long distance communication before the telephone had been established. where people, companies, or governments could send messages by, which would be coded using Morse code (where dots and dashes represent words, for example dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot stood for S.O.S – Save our skins! the international distress signal). A messages was called a ‘cable’ or a ‘wire’, which you sometimes hear in old films.

The telegraph was also used for trade and by newspapers, which is why some newspapers have the word Telegraph in their title. The use of telegraph was replaced by increasing use of telephones and telex machines (which used telephone lines). Telex machines were in turn replaced by the internet!

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